Carol's Garden - 2022

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Every day on my walk I pass through my neighbour, Carol’s wild garden of remnant native rainforest and I love observing the way it changes with the seasons, the weather and even the time of day. I decided that I would try drawing this very special place.

I selected three spots – one beside the natural pond with its little waterfall near Carol’s chicken house, the second one on the other side of the garden looking at the tangle of vines, palms and trees and trying to make sense of them and the third, looking out towards Middle Harbour and Echo Point from a small clearing near Carol’s beehives.

Before I knew it I was completely absorbed and over the past 18 months or so, I have created the Graphite drawings, Gouache paintings and a larger Oil painting that make up this exhibition.

Pond and Waterfall Preview Image
Pond and Waterfall
Eucalypts Shedding their Bark Preview Image
Eucalypts Shedding their Bark
Carol's Pond Preview Image
Carol's Pond
Carol's Rainforest Preview Image
Carol's Rainforest
Echo Point Preview Image
Echo Point
Misty Morning Preview Image
Misty Morning
Soft Light - Echo Point Preview Image
Soft Light - Echo Point
Palms, Vines and Stream Preview Image
Palms, Vines and Stream
Sunshine on the Ridge Preview Image
Sunshine on the Ridge
Next to the Beehives Preview Image
Next to the Beehives
Waterfall and Trees Preview Image
Waterfall and Trees
Bush Tangle Preview Image
Bush Tangle