The Artist as Traveller - 2017

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Jacqueline Balassa’s 2017 exhibition follows the tradition of the travelling artist. She depicts places of pristine wilderness, in South America, Africa, Europe and Australia.

Jacqueline makes drawings and colour notes on site and uses these and her memories to complete oil and gouache paintings in her studio.

In her world, the landscape is benign and welcoming with only the slightest hint that this may not always be so. Jacqueline aims to preserve a real sense of the places she paints while at the same time, she transforms them using her invention and imagination, so that her images are recognisable yet unfamiliar.

African Tree - Zimbabwe Preview Image
African Tree - Zimbabwe
Atacama - Chile Preview Image
Atacama - Chile
Back Road with Hills Preview Image
Back Road with Hills
Cape of Good Hope - South Africa Preview Image
Cape of Good Hope - South Africa
Drackensberg Waterfall - South Africa Preview Image
Drackensberg Waterfall - South Africa
Ferns in Sunshine Preview Image
Ferns in Sunshine
Forever - Balmoral, Sydney Preview Image
Forever - Balmoral, Sydney
Geysers - Yellowstone USA Preview Image
Geysers - Yellowstone USA
Kimberley Waterfall Preview Image
Kimberley Waterfall
Little Cove - South Africa Preview Image
Little Cove - South Africa
Small Tree with Leaves - Mutawintji Preview Image
Small Tree with Leaves - Mutawintji
Looking Across Preview Image
Looking Across