The Garden - 2015

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I am inspired by the calm beauty and "magical" quality of Early Italian Renaissance paintings, delicately balanced between the real world of observation and the inner world of the imagination. I aim to achieve these in my work.

This exhibition focused on my native garden. The paintings and etchings reflect the colours, light, forms and patterns of the changing seasons and times of day. My process involves a complex but intuitive translation informed by the Renaissance art I love.

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Garden - Morning Preview Image
Garden - Morning
Garden - Summer Preview Image
Garden - Summer
Grass Tree and Frangipani Preview Image
Grass Tree and Frangipani
Winter Shadow Preview Image
Winter Shadow
Garden - Late Afternoon Preview Image
Garden - Late Afternoon
Grass Tree at Midday Preview Image
Grass Tree at Midday
Banksia Leaves and Trees Preview Image
Banksia Leaves and Trees
Ground Level - Waratah Preview Image
Ground Level - Waratah
Into the Light Preview Image
Into the Light
Tree in Shade, Ferns in Sunshine Preview Image
Tree in Shade, Ferns in Sunshine
Garden - Sunshine After Rain Preview Image
Garden - Sunshine After Rain
Wilderness Waterfall Preview Image
Wilderness Waterfall